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The Hand : The Mirror of The Soul

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Title: The Hand : The Mirror of The Soul
Author: Talma Brill
ISBN: 938895503X / 9789388955034
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 432
Publisher: Kojo Press
Year: 2020
Availability: In Stock
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The palms of our hands serve as a kind of detailed and fascinating roadmap that mirrors our consciousness. It tells the story of our deepest needs, our strengths and hidden talents, as well as the places within us that need nurturing and support. In order to be properly read and deciphered, this map requires knowledge.

The Hand: The Mirror of the Soul  provides the reader this knowledge. This is a revolutionary book that offers a comprehensive, clear and readable survey of Chirology - the art of reading hands – along with enriching the   knowledge of chirology with the values and validity of scientific research.

Preface and Acknowledgments

Chapter 1 :
Chapter 2 : The Fundamental Principles of Hand Reading
Chapter 3 : Some Comments about the Spirit of Chirology and being a Chirologist

Part I : At First Glance : Observing the Hand
Chapter 4 :
The Basic Features of the Hand
Chapter 5 : Right Hand, Left Hand
Chapter 6 : Types of Hand Structure

Part II : A Deeper Look
Chapter 7 :
The Lines : Energy Currents of Consciousness
Chapter 8 : The Major Lines : Three Basic Levels of Human Existence
Chapter 9 : The Minor Lines : Balancing Markers
Chapter 10 : The Mounts : The Morphology of the Hand
Chapter 11 : The Thumb : The Power of the Ego in Action
Chapter 12 : The Fingers : The Antennas of Consciousness
Chapter 13 : Determinism and Change : Time in the Hand
Chapter 14 : The Fingerprints : Dermatoglyphs
Chapter 15 : Subsidiary Lines and Etchings

Part III : An Integrative Look : Expressions of Specific Issues in the Hand
Chapter 16 :
Self-World Boundaries
Chapter 17 : The Ego’s Power and Self-Confidence
Chapter 18 : Elevated Intellectual Capacities
Chapter 19 : Intuition
Chapter 20 : Signs of Creativity
Chapter 21 : Stress and Distress
Chapter 22 : Depression and Suicidal Tendencies
Chapter 23 : A Jungian Perspective on Various Aspects of the Hand
Chapter 24 : People on a Spiritual Journey
Chapter 25 : Comedians : A Sense of Humor
Chapter 26 : Writers : A Talent with Words
Chapter 27 : Hands of Longevity
Chapter 28 : Hands of extraordinary Women

Part IV : A Scientific Look : Chirological Studies
Chapter 29 :
Study : Hand Anomalies in Psychiatric Patients (A Preliminary Evaluation)
Chapter 30 : Is it Possible to Assess Chirological Data Objectively?
Chapter 31 : Additional Findings from the First Hand Study of Psychiatric Patients : Suicidal Tendencies, Women’s Hands, and Problematic Head Lines
Chapter 32 : Study : Minor Hand Anomalies (MHA) in Schizophrenic Patients
Chapter 33 : Study : Differences between a Group of Ultra-Orthodox Jews and a Control Group
Chapter 34 : What Does the Comparative Length of Your Fingers Reveal about You?

Appendix A : How to Take Hand Prints
Appendix B : Recommended Reading

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