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The Kaizen Event Planner : Achieving Rapid Improvement in Office, Service, and Technical Environments (With CD-ROM)

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Title: The Kaizen Event Planner : Achieving Rapid Improvement in Office, Service, and Technical Environments (With CD-ROM)
Author: Karen Martin, Mike Osterling
ISBN: 0367351366 / 9780367351366
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 240
Publisher: Productivity Press
Year: 2019
Availability: In Stock
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Kaizen Events are an effective way to train organizations to break unproductive habits and adopt a continuous improvement philosophy while, at the same time, achieve breakthrough performance-level results. Through Kaizen Events, cross-functional teams learn how to make improvements in a methodological way. They learn how to quickly study a process, identify and prioritize improvement opportunities, implement change, and sustain their gains. Most importantly, they learn how to work with one another to solve problems rapidly and in a highly effective way.

In The Kaizen Event Planner: Achieving Rapid Improvement in Office, Service, and Technical Environments, authors Karen Martin and Mike Osterling provide a practical how-to guide for planning and executing Kaizen Events in non-manufacturing settings, and conducting post-Event follow-ups to sustain the improvements made.

Geared to continuous improvement professionals and leaders within the office areas of manufacturing, the service sector and knowledge-worker environments, this book provides the methodology and practical tools for generating measurable results, while building a motivated workforce and laying the foundation for continuous improvement.

The Kaizen Event Planner
provides those responsible for improving office, service, and technical processes with the skills to effectively scope the activity, engage the right people, and facilitate successful Events!

Many Excel-based tools, which complement the lessons in this book, are found here under the "support materials" tab..

CD Instructions for Use

Part I : Lean and Kaizen: An Overview
Chapter 1 : Lean Enterprise Principles
Chapter 2 : Kaizen Characteristics

Part II : Kaizen Event Planning
Chapter 3 : Planning Essentials
Chapter 4 : Event Leadership
Chapter 5 : Scoping the Event
Chapter 6 : Kaizen Team Formation
Chapter 7 : Event Logistics
Chapter 8 : Pre-event Communication
Chapter 9 : Final Preparations

Part III : Kaizen Event Execution
Chapter 10 : Event Structure
Chapter 11 : Event Kickoff
Chapter 12 : Documenting the Current State
Chapter 13 : Identifying Waste and Performing Root Cause Analysis
Chapter 14 : Brainstorming and Prioritizing Improvement Options
Chapter 15 : Designing and Testing Improvements
Chapter 16 : Implementing Improvements
Chapter 17 : Event Wrap-up

Part IV : Beyond the Kaizen Event: Sustaining and Expanding
Chapter 18 : Follow-up Activities
Chapter 19 : Creating a Kaizen Culture


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