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The New Rules : A Guide to Electric Market Regulation

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Title: The New Rules : A Guide to Electric Market Regulation
Author: Steven Ferrey
ISBN: 087814790X / 9780878147908
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 307
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2000
Availability: In Stock
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Designed to reach a non-legal audience, Steven Ferrey highlights the importance of electric energy rules and legal restrictions replacing the traditional utility environment. Rather than focus on the trends of deregulation or concentrate on a particular area of electric energy, the book deals with transcendent issues and long-term rules and structure of the electric industry. Ferrey explains the three primary areas of change: the technology or “hardware” of the industry, the regulations on the federal level, and the changes at the retail level. No other book summarizes in one volume the regulatory changes and new rules now governing the electric marketplace, post-deregulation. From the professionals in the power business to the members of the college academic sector, Ferrey designed this book to explain the regulations of the new electric marketplace.

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Introduction : Past is No. Longer Prologue

Chapter 1 : Bold Changes in Electric Energy Technologies Alter the Market
Chapter 2 : The Evolution of Wholesale Power Sale Rules
Chapter 3 : Hands On The Switch : The New Transmission Rules
Chapter 4 : In The Shadow of the PUHCA : Exempt Wholesale Generators
Chapter 5 : PURPA of Rules : Old is New
Chapter 6 : QFs and PURPA Contracts : The Holy Grail
Chapter 7 : Power Shift : The “Current” Current
Chapter 8 : Deregulation of Retail Markets : New Opportunities Breed New Problems
Chapter 9 : Restructuring Utility Power in A Competitive Environment : Mergers and Asset Acquisitions
Chapter 10 : The Competition Rules of The New Market
Chapter 11 : The Local Angle : Franchise, Municipal Competition, and Tax Rules
Chapter 12 : Electricity : Good or Service? The Contract Rules that Govern The Power Sale Market
Chapter 13 : The Deregulation Vanguard
Chapter 14 : The New Risk Paradigm

Appendix A : History of the Electric Utility Industry
Appendix B : The Joint Committee on Electric Utility Restructuring of the Massachusetts Legislature : Report and Legislation

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