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The Quick Changeover Playbook : A Step-by-Step Guideline for the Lean Practitioner

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Title: The Quick Changeover Playbook : A Step-by-Step Guideline for the Lean Practitioner
Author: Chris A. Ortiz
ISBN: 1498741649 / 9781498741644
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 73
Publisher: Productivity Press
Year: 2016
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks.
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Complete with color pictures from real quick changeover implementations, The Quick Changeover Playbook provides detailed step-by-step guidelines on how to reduce setup times as well as improve flexibility, product quality, and visual control while reducing lead times and costs.

This new book in The LEAN Playbook Series is your guide to effective setup-reduction projects. It is ideal for Lean practitioners and facilitators seeking a training tool and a guideline that can be used in the work area while improvements are being made.

Like a football coach, you can use this playbook for quick reference to convey what’s needed to facilitate quick changeovers. If for some reason you forget a "play" during the implementation, you can easily reference the playbook. You can follow page by page, or you can go directly to certain topics and use it to help you implement that particular "play."

In addition to color pictures from quick changeover implementations, a combination of short paragraphs and bulleted descriptions walk you through how to effectively reduce setup times on equipment. Wasting little time on high-level theory, the book includes an introductory section dedicated to the 8 Wastes and Lean metrics to provide you with the foundation required to fully benefit from this playbook.

The book covers the key concepts you must understand to reduce setup times, including the four steps of a setup, data collection, internal and external work, one-turn methods, intermediate tooling, and standard work.

  • Serves as the first hands-on implementation guide on how to develop and implement quick changeover concepts
  • Features detailed color pictures and images from actual quick changeover implementations
  • Focuses on machine modifications such as one-turn methods and intermediate tooling
  • Provides real business examples of quick changeover improvements
  • Includes a step-by-step guideline on how to create a setup preparation board to be placed next to equipment to act as a countdown to turning on equipment

How to Use This Playbook

Chapter 1 : Setup and Quick Changeover
Chapter 2 : Data Collection
Chapter 3 : 5S and Layout Improvements
Chapter 4 : Intermediate Tooling and One-Turn Methods
Chapter 5 : Visual Management
Chapter 6 : After Improvements

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