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The Six Sigma Project Planner

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Title: The Six Sigma Project Planner
Author: Thomas Pyzdek
ISBN: 0071411836 / 9780071411837
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 304
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2003
Availability: In Stock
  • Description

Six Sigma demands results. These results are delivered by projects that are tightly linked to customer demands and enterprise strategy. If youre leading a Six Sigma initiative in your organization, this hands-on guide is designed to help you achieve these results quickly and effectively by treating a Six Sigma project like any other project that must be managed and completed on time and within budget.
Written by leading Six Sigma expert Thomas Pyzdek, The Six Sigma Project Planner offers a project management approach to Six Sigma. Youll learn how to rigorously measure and analyze problems, implement solutions, and choose and complete the quality improvement projects that offer the largest payoff. Pyzdek provides dozens of reproducible, downloadable project management tools and worksheets for each step of the DMAIC process (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control). The step-by-step guidelines will help your team:

  • Identify high-payoff projects to tackle
  • Define project goals and estimated ROI
  • Employ breakthrough techniques to develop and implement entirely new processes that meet project goals
  • Correct problems in current processes
  • Identify stalled projects and jumpstart them--or pull the plug before they consume too much time and resources
  • Perform a process capability study using Statistical Process Control
  • Establish control and continuous improvement systems
  • The Six Sigma Project Planner enables all team leaders to identify the Critical Path to successful project completion--while you stay on time and on budget.

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