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Thermal and Catalytic Processes in Petroleum Refining

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Title: Thermal and Catalytic Processes in Petroleum Refining
Author: Raseev, S. D.; Raseev, Serge
ISBN: 0824709527 / 9780824709525
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 864
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 2003
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Description

This reference examines the thermal and catalytic processes involved in the refining of petroleum including visbreaking, coking, pyrolysis, catalytic cracking, oligomerization, alkylation, hydorfining, hydroisomerization, hydrocracking, and catalytic reforming-analyzing the thermodynamics, reaction mechanisms, and kinetics of each process, as well as the effect of operating conditions and reactor design on process performance and product quality.
Discusses the calculation and plotting of equilibrium within a broad range or temperatures and pressures for identification of practical operating conditions and optimiztion of industrial processes.
Thermal and Catalytic Processes in Petroleum Refining discusses the selection and design of reactors for commercial processes...approaches to increase product yield....techniques to increase the processing capability of a plant.....basic equations for modeling chemical and catalytic processes............amd methods to extend cycle life ad reduce coke formation.

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