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Time Based Manufacturing

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Title: Time Based Manufacturing
Author: Joseph A. Bockerstette, Richard L. Shell
ISBN: 0070063079 / 9780070063075
Format: Hard Cover
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 1993
Availability: In Stock
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Time Based Manufacturing is an enterprise-wide methodology that integrates Just-In-Time and Total Quality Management into a focussed strategy for breakthrough improvement. Companies that implement TBM can provide quick responses to the deamnds found in today's customer-driven marketplace. The authors explain the powerful Product Supply System (PSS) paradigm and show its effect on lead time and quality.

  • TBM elements addressed in this book:
  • Understanding and Managing the Product Supply System
  • How Customer Demands Drive PSS
  • Designing and Mixing a Successful Product Portfolio
  • Team-Driven Management
  • Information Systems Requirements
  • Performance Measures
  • Organizational Design
  • Breakthrough Performance Improvement
  • Plus Three Case Studies


Chapter 1 : A New Manufacturing Paradigm
Chapter 2 : The Product Supply System
Chapter 3 : The Customer Holds the KeyTo Competitive Advantage
Chapter 4 : The Product Supply System Requires a Product Portfolio
Chapter 5 : Daily Demand Synchronizes the Product Supply System
Chapter 6 : The Product Supply System Must Be Reliable and Capable
Chapter 7 : The Role of Suppliers
Chapter 8 : Teams Drive the Time-Based Manufacturing Organization
Chapter 9 : Information Management and Time-Based Manufacturing
Chapter 10 : Performance Measures and Rewards
Chapter 11 : Implementation-The Payoff for Time-Based Manufacturing
Chapter 12 : A Case Study in Repetitive Manufacturing
Chapter 13 : A Case Study in Job Shop Manufacturing
Chapter 14 : A Case Study in Food Processing

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