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Training in Plastics Technology

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Title: Training in Plastics Technology
Author: Walter Michaeli; Leo Wolters; Helmut Greif & Franz-Josef Vossebürger
ISBN: 1569902933 / 9781569902936
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 182
Publisher: Hanser Gardner
Year: 2000
Availability: Out of Stock
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Use this authoritative source book to guide newcomers in the plastics industry. Training in Plastics Technology is a text and workbook that provides an introduction to the world of plastics. This book is divided into educational units that can be described as lessons, with each lesson covering a distinct subject area. Key questions at the beginning of each lesson help the reader approach the subject matter with certain questions in mind. Review questions at the end of each lesson test the knowledge acquired. The answers can be checked against the lists of correct answers at the end of the book. This comprehensive best-selling reference provides the fundamental information you’ll need to understand both the processing and applications.

Chapter 1 : Plastics Fundamentals
Chapter 2 : Raw Materials and Polymer Synthesis
Chapter 3 : Methods of Polymer Synthesis
Chapter 4 : Bonding Forces in Polymers
Chapter 5 : Classification of Plastics
Chapter 6 : Deformation Behavior of Plastics
Chapter 7 : Time-Dependent Behavior of Plastics
Chapter 8 : Physical Properties
Chapter 9 : Plastics Fabrication and Processing
Chapter 10 : Plastics Compounding
Chapter 11 : Extrusion
Chapter 12 : Injection Molding
Chapter 13 : Fiber-Reinforced Plastics
Chapter 14 : Plastic Foams
Chapter 15 : Thermoforming
Chapter 16 : Welding Plastics
Chapter 17 : Machining Plastics
Chapter 18 : Adhesive Bonding of Plastics
Chapter 19 : Plastics Products and Plastics Waste
Chapter 20 : Recycling Plastics

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