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Transformer and Inductor Design Handbook, 4th Edition

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Title: Transformer and Inductor Design Handbook, 4th Edition
Author: Colonel Wm. T. McLyman
ISBN: 1439836876 / 9781439836873
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 667
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2011
Availability: 2-3 days
Special Indian Edition.
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With its practical approach to design, Transformer and Inductor Design Handbook, Fourth Edition distinguishes itself from other books by presenting information and guidance that is shaped primarily by the user?s needs and point of view. Expanded and revised to address recent industry developments, the fourth edition of this classic reference is re-organized and improved, again serving as a constant aid for anyone seeking to apply the state of the art in transformer and inductor design.

Carefully considering key factors such as overall system weight, power conversion efficiency, and cost, the author introduces his own new equation for the power handling ability of the core, intended to give engineers faster and tighter design control. The book begins by providing the basic fundamentals of magnetics, followed by an explanation of design using the Kg or Ap techniques. It also covers subjects such as laminations, tape cores, powder cores and ferrites, and iron alloys.

In addition, new topics include :
• Autotransformer design
• Common-mode inductor design
• Series saturable reactor design
• Self-saturating magnetic amplifier
• Designing inductors for a given resistance

With the goal of making inductors that are lighter and smaller but still meet requirements, this book helps users avoid many antiquated rules of thumb, to achieve a better, more economical design. Presenting transformer design examples with step-by-step directions and numerous tables and graphics for comparison, it remains a trusted guide for the engineers, technicians, and other professionals who design and evaluate transformers and inductors. It also serves as an ideal primer for students, illustrating the field for them from the ground up.

About the Author

Chapter 1 : Fundamentals of Magnetics
Chapter 2 : Magnetic Materials and Their Characteristics
Chapter 3 : Magnetic Cores
Chapter 4 : Window Utilization, Magnet Wire and Insulation
Chapter 5 : Transformer Design Trade-Offs
Chapter 6 : Transformer-Inductor Efficiency, Regulation, and Temperature Rise
Chapter 7 : Power Transformer Design
Chapter 8 : DC Inductor Design, Using Gapped Cores
Chapter 9 : DC Inductor Design, Using Powder Cores
Chapter 10 : AC Inductor Design
Chapter 11 : Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT)
Chapter 12 : Three-Phase Transformer Design
Chapter 13 : Flyback Converters, Transformer Design
Chapter 14 : Forward Converter, Transformer Design, and Output Inductor Design
Chapter 15 : Input Filter Design
Chapter 16 : Current Transformer Design
Chapter 17 : Winding Capacitance and Leakage Inductance
Chapter 18 : Quiet Converter Design
Chapter 19 : Rotary Transformer Design
Chapter 20 : Planar Transformers and Inductors
Chapter 21 : Derivations for the Design Equations
Chapter 22 : Autotransformer Design
Chapter 23 : Common-Mode Inductor Design
Chapter 24 : Series Saturable Reactor Design
Chapter 25 : Self-Saturating, Magnetic Amplifiers
Chapter 26 : Designing Inductors for a Given Resistance


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