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Transients in Electrical Systems : Analysis, Recognition, and Mitigation

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Title: Transients in Electrical Systems : Analysis, Recognition, and Mitigation
Author: J.C. Das
ISBN: 0071622489 / 9780071622486
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 736
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2010
Availability: 15-30 days
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Detect and Mitigate Transients in Electrical Systems This practical guide explains how to identify the origin of disturbances in electrical systems and analyze them for effective mitigation and control. Transients in Electrical Systems considers all transient frequencies, ranging from 0.1 Hz to 50 MHz, and discusses transmission line and cable modeling as well as frequency dependent behavior. Results of EMTP simulations, solved examples, and detailed equations are included in this comprehensive resource.

Transients in Electrical Systems covers :

* Transients in lumped circuits
* Control systems
* Lightning strokes, shielding, and backflashovers
* Transients of shunt capacitor banks
* Switching transients and temporary overvoltages
* Current interruption in AC circuits
* Symmetrical and unsymmetrical short-circuit currents
* Transient behavior of synchronous generators, induction and synchronous motors, and transformers
* Power electronic equipment
* Flicker, bus, transfer, and torsional vibrations
* Insulation coordination
* Gas insulated substations
* Transients in low-voltage and grounding systems
* Surge arresters
* DC systems, short-circuits, distributions, and HVDC
* Smart grids and wind power generation


Chapter 1 : Introduction to Transients
Chapter 2 : Transients in Lumped Circuits
Chapter 3 : Control Systems
Chapter 4 : Modeling of Transmission Lines and Cables for Transient Studies
Chapter 5 : Lighting Strokes, Shielding, and Backflashovers
Chapter 6 : Transients of Shunt Capacitor Banks
Chapter 7 : Switching Transients and Temporary Overvoltages
Chapter 8 : Current Interruption in AC Circuits
Chapter 9 : Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Short-Circuit Currents
Chapter 10 : Transient Behavior of Synchronous Generators
Chapter 11 : Transient behavior of Induction and Synchronous Motors
Chapter 12 : Power System Stability
Chapter 13 : Excitation Systems and Power System Stabilizers
Chapter 14 : Transient Behavior of Transformers
Chapter 15 : Power Electric Equipment and FACTS
Chapter 16 : Flicker, Bus Transfer, Torsional Dynamics
Chapter 17 : Insulation Coordination
Chapter 18 : Gas-Insulated Substations--Very Fast Transients
Chapter 19 : Transients and Surge Protection in Low-Voltage Systems
Chapter 20 : Surge Arresters
Chapter 21 : Transients in Grounding Systems
Chapter 22 : Lightning Protection of Structures
Chapter 23 : DC Systems, Short Circuits, Distributions, and HVDC
Chapter 24 : Smart Grids and Wind Power Generation

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