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Ultracapacitors : Future of Energy Storage

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Title: Ultracapacitors : Future of Energy Storage
Author: R.P. Deshpande
ISBN: 9383286717 / 9789383286713
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 456
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2014
Availability: In Stock
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Electrochemical Capacitors or 'Ultracapacitors' have developed over the past few years as a new type of capacitor, whose main function is energy storage comparable to batteries. Currently being extensively used in electronic circuits, automobilies, grid energy storage, UPS, battery backup and other new applications, ultracapacitors are set to change the way we perceive and use energy storage devices. The book provides a well-rounded account of this exciting technology covering all the aspects from the basics of physics to the manufacturing processes. Focusing on the details of application in various fields, the book also provides rare insights on things to come. This book will serve as a ready reference for the engineering fraternity, students, researchers and all users of ultracpacitors.

Foreword by J.S.S. Rao
Foreword by M.U. Deshpande

Chapter 1 : Electrochemical Capacitor
Chapter 2 : Types of Ultracapacitors
Chapter 3 : Ultracapacitor Characteristics
Chapter 4 : Ultracapacitor Charging
Chapter 5 : Ultracapacitor Materials
Chapter 6 : Construction of EC Capacitors
Chapter 7 : Ultracapacitor Cell Balancing and Modules
Chapter 8 : Hybrid Capacitors
Chapter 9 : Li-Ion Capacitors (LIC)
Chapter 10 : Applications in Electronic Industry
Chapter 11 : Grid System Applications
Chapter 12 : Ultracapacitors in Vehicles
Chapter 13 : Bus and Rail Transport
Chapter 14 : Ultrabattery - Advanced Battery Power
Chapter 15 : Military Applications
Chapter 16 : Water Desalination
Chapter 17 : Ultracapacitor Manufacturers
Chapter 18 : Pseudocapacitor
Chapter 19 : Notes on Using Ultrapacitors
Chapter 20 : Future Scenario

Appendix 1 : List of Ultracapacitor Manufacturers
Appendix 2 : Electrochamical Capacitor Selector Worksheet
Appendix 3 : Relation of Capacitance to Geometry and Diel. Const.
Appendix 4 : Galvanic Series
Appendix 5 : UN Document for EDLC Shipping
Appendix 6 : UN Document : Asymmetrical Capacitor Definition
Appendix 7 : Ultracapacitors for Two-Wheelers and Low-Capacity Cars
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