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VUCA Challenges : Sustainability Through Quality

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Title: VUCA Challenges : Sustainability Through Quality
Author: Himanshu M. Trivedi, Rajesh K. Jain
ISBN: 8193021649 / 9788193021644
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 352
Publisher: ASQ South Asia
Year: 2019
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This book is a collection of 32 Chapters divided into three Sections Namely Thematic Contributions, Manufacuturing and Services. These are the work of experienced quality professionals working in various leading organizations countering VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) challenges mainly from this part of the world. All the contributors in the book deserve a big round of applause for the courage of embarking on such an initiative which not only fosters competition among themselves and their colleagues to do better and better and at the same time paying back to the society by taking personal interest in creating the body of knowledge useful for the generations to come.

Prologue : No Better Times!

Section A : Thematic Contributors
Chapter 1 :
Meeting VUCA Challenges
Chapter 2 : 4 Must-Have Attributes of a VUCA Survivor
Chapter 3 : Sustainable Supply Chain in the World of VUCA
Chapter 4 : A Supply Chain Approach in the VUCA World
Chapter 5 : Strategic Benchmarking using LeTCI Framework
Chapter 6 : VUCA Challenge for Indian Society post "Aadhaar Judgment"
Chapter 7 : Trial of Catalyst from Alternate Vendor for Plant Sustainability
Chapter 8 : Capacity Enhancement at Assembly of Hydraulic Valves through VUCA Model
Chapter 9 : VUCA Challenges : Sustenance through Quality a Case Study of L&T Technology Services
Chapter 10 : Focus on "Quality" increases Probability to Succeed in Chartering the Troubles Waters in VUCA World
Chapter 11 : VUCA Challenges & Benefits - Implementation of IMS Standards at BTPS
Chapter 12 : Elimination of Rejection in 60x80 Super Wool Blanket
Chapter 13 : Integrated Management System Approach for VUCA Challenges
Chapter 14 : Rejection Elimination in AZS Paper
Chapter 15 : Reducing TAT Time of Truck using Six Sigma
Chapter 16 : Productivity Improvement at Heat Treatment Furnace by Applying Lean Six Sigma Methodology

Section B : Manufacturing
Chapter 1 :
Ding and Dent Reduction in Stamping
Chapter 2 : Quality by Design API Yield Improvement Project
Chapter 3 : Energy Saving per Car in SVAP Paint Shop
Chapter 4 : Utilization of Hydrogen at RIL-DMD
Chapter 5 : Process Innovation in Cup Plug Measurement System
Chapter 6 : Line Stoppage Elimination
Chapter 7 : Automated Line Production Flow Efficiency Improvement
Chapter 8 : Overcoming VUCA Challenges in Engine Machining
Chapter 9 : Productivity Improvement for Panther 2.0L Engine: Powertrain Assembly
Chapter 10 : IT-Enriched Digitized Process for Vehicle Quality

Section C : Services
Chapter 1 :
Consistent Product Quality (LED Lamps) -  An Approach
Chapter 2 : Petroleum Retail - Requirement of Paradigm Shift for "Quality Assurance"
Chapter 3 : Application of Kaizen & 5 Why Analysis Tool
Chapter 4 : Improvement in Inter-departmental Services using Kaizen Philosophy at Educational Institute : A Case Study
Chapter 5 : Digital Twin Implementation in Manufacturing for Quality and Innovation Excellence
Chapter 6 : Resource Planning under Uncertainty : Using Projects Learning in VUCA Environment

List of Contributors

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