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Value-Driven Channel Strategy: Extending the Lean Approach

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Title: Value-Driven Channel Strategy: Extending the Lean Approach
Author: R. Eric Reidenbach and Reginald W. Goeke
ISBN: 0873896599 / 9780873896597
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 192
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2006
Availability: Out of Stock
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Value at the point of production does not automatically translate into value at the point of consumption. Augmenting Lean Thinking with a more robust and substantial customer value basis makes it even more powerful when applied to the organization’s value stream. This book unleashes the principles of Lean Thinking as a strategic tool to do just that. As authors Reidenbach and Goeke argue throughout this book, an organization’s ability to use lean techniques to not only eliminate non-value adding costs but also to use the same lean tools to enhance its competitive value proposition is to realize the full power and potency of Lean.

Managers from a number of distinct organizational areas such as marketing, quality, logistics, Six Sigma, TQM (Total Quality Management), and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), as well as market research and business intelligence will find the book useful and interesting and will challenge them to think about the way they view their business. The book is pertinent not only to manufacturing but also service organizations that move products/services through channels of distribution. The principles outlined in this book apply equally to commercial banks, healthcare and insurance as they do to the automotive or pharmaceutical industries.


Chapter 1: Expanding Lean Thinking
Chapter 2: The Value Advantage
Chapter 3: Six Propositions of Channel Value That Drive Lean Distribution
Chapter 4: How do Markets Define Value?
Chapter 5: Linking Value Drivers to Value Delivery Systems
Chapter 6: Value Stream Analysis: A Process Overview
Chapter 7: Becoming Lean
Chapter 8: VSA In Action
Chapter 9: Managing Channel Loyalty
Chapter 10: Implementing Lean Thinking Within the Channel Environment


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