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Vision and Attention, (With CD-ROM)

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Title: Vision and Attention, (With CD-ROM)
Author: Jenkin, Laurence, Michael; Harris
ISBN: 0387950583 / 9780387950587
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 333
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 2001
Availability: In Stock
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This is at once a review and a summary of the tremendous advances that have been made in recent years on the effect of attention on visual perception. This broad-ranging volume will appeal to vision scientists as well as to those involved in using visual processes in computer animations, display design or the sensory systems of machines. Physiologists and neuroscientists interested in any aspect of sensory or motor processes will also find it very useful.


Chapter 1 : Vision and Attention
Chapter 2 : Shifts of Attention and Saccades Are Very Similar
Chapter 3 : Are They Causally Linked?
Chapter 4 : Contrast Gain, Area Summation
Chapter 5 : Global Process in Form Vision
Chapter 6 : Visual Attention
Chapter 7 : Complexity, Vision and Attention
Chapter 8 : Disparity Interaction and the Scaling of Stereoscopic Disparity
Chapter 9 : Signal Detection and Attention in Systems
Chapter 10 : Change Blindness: Implications for the Nature of Visual Attention
Chapter 11 : The Role of Expectations in Change Detection and Attentional Capture
Chapter 12 : Attention, Eye Movements, and Neurons
Chapter 13 : Attention, Eye Movements, and NeuronsVision and Action in Virtual Environments
Chapter 14 : Vision and Action in Virtual Environments
Chapter 15 : Selective Feature-Based Attention Directed to a Pair of Lines
Chapter 16 : Psychophysical Evidence and a Psychophysical Model
Chapter 17 : Thoughts on Change Blindness


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