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Welded Joint Design, Third Edition

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Title: Welded Joint Design, Third Edition
Author: John Hicks
ISBN: 1855733862 / 9781855733862
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 176
Publisher: Industrial Press
Year: 2000
Availability: In Stock
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There’s no doubt…welding plays a crucial role in the manufacture of nearly every product we use! That’s why it’s critical for welding engineers and welding designers to gain a basic knowledge and understanding of the roles each other plays in the welding process. Written by a welding design specialist with 35 years of experience, Welded Joint Design provides a clear and concise explanation of how welded joints and structures are designed and the constraints welding may impose on the design. Thoroughly illustrated, this new edition includes descriptions of the mechanical properties of steel and other structural materials. It will be tremendously valuable to both students and practicing engineers in welding and design, as well as to civil, structural, mechanical and plant engineers who need to learn more about the design of welded products.

  • Explores methods of stress calculation.
  • Briefly reviews various structural design philosophies and their influence on the choice of welding processes and procedures.
  • Includes the particular features of arc-welded joints and their effect on fatigue and fracture behavior.
  • Explains practical constraints on joint design and configuration in context of joint preparation and access.


Chapter 1 : Fundamentals of the Strength of Materials
Chapter 2 : Stresses in Some Common Types of Structures
Chapter 3 : Elementary Theories of Bending and Torsion
Chapter 4 : Basis of Design of Welded Structures
Chapter 5 : Weld Design
Chapter 6 : Calculating Weld Size
Chapter 7 : Fatigue Cracking
Chapter 8 : Brittle Fracture
Chapter 9 : Assessment of Structural Integrity


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