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Welding Handbook, Volume 3 : Welding Processes, Part 2, 9th Edition

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Title: Welding Handbook, Volume 3 : Welding Processes, Part 2, 9th Edition
Author: AWS
ISBN: 0871710536 / 9780871710536
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 670
Publisher: AWS
Year: 2007
Availability: In Stock
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This authoritative resource brings together 600 pages of comprehensive information on solid-state and other welding and cutting processes. The book includes chapters on the following welding processes: resistance spot and seam, projection, flash and upset, and high-frequency. The final chapter covers various other welding and cutting processes, including modernized water jet cutting. Written, updated, and peer reviewed by a group of highly respected technical and scientific experts.

• Provides a comprehensive chapter on resistance welding equipment, with photos of state-of-the-art equipment and accompanied by new electrical diagrams and drawings.
• In addition to a chapter on friction welding, a new chapter introduces friction stir welding, the process that has users excited about its significant advantages.
• Discusses the most recent developments in beam technology in greatly expanded chapters on laser beam welding and cutting and electron beam welding.
• Presents a diverse array of processes in chapters on ultrasonic welding, explosion welding, diffusion welding and diffusion brazing, adhesive bonding, and thermal and cold spraying.
• Also discusses various other welding and cutting processes, including sections on two emerging processes: magnetic pulse welding and electro-spark deposition, plus the return of water jet cutting as a modern process.
• Includes a section on safe practices specific to the process in each chapter.

This volume is devoted to information on resistance welding, solid state processes, and other joining and cutting methods. It contains updated resistance welding chapters: spot and seam welding, projection welding, flash and upset welding, high-frequency welding, and resistance welding equipment. The chapter on friction welding been updated. New in this edition is a separate chapter on the developing process variation of friction stir welding. Other chapters explore ultrasonic welding, explosion welding, adhesive bonding, thermal spraying and cold spraying, diffusion welding, and diffusion brazing. The chapters on electron beam welding and laser beam welding and cutting contain significantly expanded technology. The last chapter, Other Welding and Cutting Processes, contains information on two new or revitalized processes, magnetic pulse welding, and electro-spark depositing. New information is presented on water jet cutting, which is reappearing in many current applications as a modern, efficient process.

The chapters in this volume reflect the dramatic changes brought into the welding process over the past decade by the precise control of welding parameters made possible by digital controls and microprocessors as applied to new techniques and advanced materials. Each chapter draws on the expertise of highly qualified experts enthusiastic about the subject process and headed by a chapter chair with an admirable dedication to the details of infusing state-of-the-art information into the basics of processes.

One hundred and ten volunteers contributed, representing university, government, and private welding research and development institutions, manufacturers of welding equipment and materials and manufacturers, fabricators, and welders who use this technology.

This volume, like the others preceding it, is a voluntary effort by the members of the Welding Handbook Committee, The Welding Handbook Volume 3 Committee, and the Chapter Committees. An important contribution is the review of each chapter provided by AWS’s Technical Activities Committee and other specialists.


Chapter 1 : Resistance Spot and Seam Welding
Chapter 2 : projection Welding
Chapter 3 : Flash and Upset Welding
Chapter 4 : Resistance Welding Equipment
Chapter 5 : High-Frequency Welding
Chapter 6 : Friction Welding
Chapter 7 : Friction Stir Welding
Chapter 8 : Ultrasonic Welding
Chapter 9 : Explosion Welding
Chapter 10 : Adhesive Bonding
Chapter 11 : Thermal Spraying and Cold Spraying
Chapter 12 : Diffusion Welding and Diffusion Brazing
Chapter 13 : Electron Beam Welding
Chapter 14 : Laser Beam Welding, Cutting and Associated Processes
Chapter 15 : Other Welding and Cutting Processes

Appendix A : American Welding Society Safety and Health Standards List
Appendix B : Safety Codes and Other Standards
Appendix C : Conversions for Various Pressure Units
Major Subject Index : Volumes 1,2, & 3-Ninth Edition and Volumes 3 & 4 Eight Edition
Index of Volume 3, Ninth Edition

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