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Welding Handbook, Volume 4 : Materials and Applications, Part 1, 9th Edition

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Title: Welding Handbook, Volume 4 : Materials and Applications, Part 1, 9th Edition
Author: AWS

Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 760
Publisher: AWS
Year: 2011
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Extensively revised and updated from the eighth edition, this comprehensive volume had more than 50 experts in materials and materials applications assure its accuracy and the currency of its content. It is a great reference source for engineers, educators, welding supervisors, and welders .

Three basic chapters of this volume, Chapter 1, Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels; Chapter 2, High-Alloy Steels; and Chapter 5, Stainless and Heat-Resistant Steels contain detailed sections on the metallurgy, composition and properties of steels, and methods of producing high-integrity welds in carbon steels, alloy steels, and stainless steels.

Different sets of welding conditions, challenges, and solutions are presented for the specialized steels represented in Chapter 3, Coated Steels; Chapter 4, Tool and Die Steels; Chapter 6, Clad and Dissimilar Metals; Chapter 7, Surfacing Materials; and Chapter 8, Cast Irons. The chapters provide information on the composition, metallurgy, weldability, and recommended welding procedures for these metals.

Chapter 9, Maintenance and Repair Welding, contains a model for a systematic approach to the sometimes-difficult procedures involved in repair welding. Chapter 10, Underwater Welding and Cutting, contains comprehensive information on producing strong, durable welds under very difficult welding conditions for use in the severest of service conditions.


Chapter 1 : Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels
Chapter 2 : High-Alloy Steels
Chapter 3 : Coated Steels
Chapter 4 : Tool and Die Steels
Chapter 5 : Stainless and Heat : Resistant Steels
Chapter 6 : Clad and Dissimilar Metals
Chapter 7 : Surfacing Materials
Chapter 8 : Cast Irons
Chapter 9 : Maintenance and Repair Welding
Chapter 10 : Underwater Welding and Cutting

Appendix A : Safety Codes and Other Standards
Appendix B : Welding Handbook Reference Guide
Major Subject Index
Index of Volume 4, Ninth Edition

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