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Wet H2S Cracking of Carbon Steels and Weldments

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Title: Wet H2S Cracking of Carbon Steels and Weldments
Author: M.S. Cayard, R.J. Horvath, Russell D. Kane
ISBN: 1877914975 / 9781877914973
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 1042
Publisher: NACE
Year: 1996
Availability: Out of Stock
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This publication brings together a broad range of published papers specifically addressing cracking of steels and weldments resulting from absorbed hydrogen when exposed to wet H2S environments. It includes 72 classic papers from NACE and other sources covering published literature from 1948 to 1993. Other non-NACE sources include books published by the American Petroleum Institute, Materials Properties Council, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Introductions to the seven sections discuss the evolution of technology in each of these areas: wet H2S cracking in refinery service, wet H2S cracking in oil and gas production and pipelines, sulfide stress cracking/hydrogen embrittlement cracking in high-strength steels, environmental and metallurgical factors in hydrogen-induced cracking, hydrogen-related cracking in sour amine systems, laboratory testing methods for wet H2S cracking, and inspection of wet H2S equipment.


Chapter 1 : Wet H2S Cracking in Refinery Service
Chapter 2 : Wet H2S Cracking in Oil and Gas Production and Pipelines
Chapter 3 : Sulfide Stress Cracking/Hydrogen Embrittlement Cracking in High Strength Steels or Hard Weldments
Chapter 4 : Environmental and Metallurgical Factors in Hydrogen-Induced Cracking
Chapter 5 : Hydrogen-Related Cracking in Sour Amine Systems
Chapter 6 : Laboratory Testing Methods for Wet H2S Cracking
Chapter 7 : Inspection and Serviceability of Wet H2S Equipment


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