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Actionable Performance Measurement : A Key to Success

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Title: Actionable Performance Measurement : A Key to Success
Author: Marvin T. Howell
ISBN: 0873896645 / 9780873896641
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 266
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2006
Availability: In Stock
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Measurement is absolutely essential for any organization or company, functional area, department, business unit, project, or individual. Companies must know how their processes are performing, how well they are meeting customers’ needs, how targeted improvements are being achieved, and how management is doing. Accurate performance measures tell companies where they are, and to take action if they are not on track or if performance does not meet expectations.

Actionable Performance Measurement presents many different methods to help readers develop metrics and performance measures. To aid in corporate measures development and strategic, tactical and/or business planning, a quick and effective method of identifying specific key results areas is outlined and explained. Both customer and employee focuses are presented: how to measure each, and how to develop good surveys. In addition, Howell explains several methods for setting realistic-but-stretch targets are also presented, as well as a technique for measuring “apples and oranges.”

Readers will be able to measure employee and customer satisfaction, and be prepared to capably lead or be a member of a corporate or business unit measurement team to assess existing performance indicators effectiveness.

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Metrics
Chapter 2 : Management by Metrics
Chapter 3 : Metric Development Process
Chapter 4 : Constructing The Indicator – The Metric Package
Chapter 5 : Set Targets and Team Examples of Developing Performance Indicators
Chapter 6 : Monitor and Take Action – Tools To Improve Your Processes Performance
Chapter 7 : Business Processes – Measuring and Jumpstarting Daily Work, and Benchmarking
Chapter 8 : Measuring Apples and Oranges
Chapter 9 : Customer Focus, Satisfaction, and Measurement
Chapter 10 : Employee Focus, Satisfaction, and Measurement
Chapter 11 : Designing and Implementing A New Performance Measurement System
Chapter 12 : Conclusion

Appendix A : Modified Nominal Group Technique
Appendix B : Brainstorming
Appendix C : Assessment of An Existing Measurement System
Appendix D : Metric Awareness Questionnaire
Appendix E : MBNQA Questionnaire – Are We Making Progress As Leaders?


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