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Aluminum Auto-Body Joining

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Title: Aluminum Auto-Body Joining
Author: George Nicholas Bullen
ISBN: 0768082528 / 9780768082524
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 96
Publisher: SAE
Year: 2016
Availability: In Stock
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Fusing aluminum in a multi-material lightweight vehicle is presented via studies on joining dissimilar materials, joining methods, and the performance of the joined materials. The use of aluminum offers a material that embodies properties to meet new standards as the automotive industry continues to pursue improvements in fuel efficiency and emissions. Aluminum’s strength, light weight, and corrosion resistance offers manufacturers a material alternative to steel and an additional material, which has long been known in the industry, to be employed in automotive construction. Topics of technical interest include:

  • Forming
  • Galvanic Corrosion
  • Welding, Fastening, Bonding
  • Maximizing Weight Benefits

Production of strong, lightweight structures will contribute significantly to automobile manufacturers meeting mandated fuel economy standards, as well as customer preferences for utility, comfort, and safety. Materials selection and application are critical components to the design of lightweight vehicles. Joining technologies and the relationship of the materials that are joined to meet the design and assembly requirements are presented in this work and also frame the foundation for innovative joining methods for the next generation of lightweight vehicles.


Chapter 1 : Integration and Lighweight Design in Automotive Doors (2015-26-0242)
Chapter 2 : Optimization of High-Volume Warm Forming for Lighweight Sheet (2013-01-1170)
Chapter 3 : Simulation of Galvanic Corrosion of Aluminum Materials for Vehicles (2010-01-0724)
Chapter 4 : Structure to Assist in Prevention of Bimetallic Corrosion of Hybrid Doors (2013-01-0386)
Chapter 5 : Evaluation of Constitutive Behavior of Aluminum Extrusions and Their GMAW Welds (2013-01-0384)
Chapter 6 : Application of an FSW Continuous Welding Technology for Steel and Aluminum to an Automotive Subframe (2013-01-0372)
Chapter 7 : Characterization of Flow Drill Screwdriving Process Parameters on Joint Quality (2014-01-2241)
Chapter 8 : New Adhesive Bonding Surface Treatment Technologies for Lightweight Aluminum-Polypropylene Hybrid Joints in Semi-Structural Applications (2011-01-0217)
Chapter 9 : Sandwich Panels with Corrugated Core - A Lightweighting Concept with improved Stiffness (2014-01-0808)

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