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George Nicholas Bullen

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Automated/Mechanized Drilling and Countersinking of Airframes

Author: George Nicholas Bullen
ISBN: 0768076463 / 9780768076462
Year: 2013
Availability: 15-30 days
Modern aircraft manufacturing involves drilling and countersinking hundreds of thousands to millions of holes. Doing this work by hand accounts for 65% of the cost of airframe assembly, 85% of the q...
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Aluminum Auto-Body Joining

Author: George Nicholas Bullen
ISBN: 0768082528 / 9780768082524
Year: 2016
Availability: In Stock
Fusing aluminum in a multi-material lightweight vehicle is presented via studies on joining dissimilar materials, joining methods, and the performance of the joined materials. The use of aluminum of...
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Innovations in Automotive and Aerospace Assembly

Author: George Nicholas Bullen
ISBN: 0768082811 / 9780768082814
Year: 2018
Availability: In Stock
Up until the last two decades, aluminum in airplanes and steel in automobiles were the primary materials used to produce these two complex machines. These metal-to-metal assemblies, and specifically...
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