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Customer Service : Utility Style

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Title: Customer Service : Utility Style
Author: Penni McLean-Conner
ISBN: 1593700539 / 9781593700539
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 250
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2005
Availability: 45-60 days
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  • Contents

Successful utility customer service leaders are providing great service while reducing costs. This primer for customer service leaders at all levels outlines successful techniques for creating a customer focused culture, taking costs out of the business and maximizing technology, processes and efficiency. Readers of this book will find easy to implement, proven best practices combined with thoughtful discussions on current strategies and innovations. Additionally insights and case studies from successful utility leaders will amplify the challenges of successfully implementing these best practices Readers of this book will learn how to:

  • Build an aligned motivated team
  • Offer new services and products to meet your customers’ needs
  • Reduce unbilled losses in your meter to cash cycle
  • Create effective channel management
  • Define, measure and map your key customer service processes
  • Utilize workforce management tools


Part I : Create a Customer Focused Culture
Chapter 1 :
Build a High Performance Team
Chapter 2 : Hire, Train and Retain Your Best Customer Service Professionals
Chapter 3 : Discover The Magic of Customer Complaints
Chapter 4 : Listen and Respond to The Voice of The Customer
Chapter 5 : Offer New Services and Products to Meet Your Customers’ Needs

Part II : Take Costs Out of The Business
Chapter 6 :
Reduce Unbilled Losses in Your Meter to Cash Cycle
Chapter 7 : Outsourcing
Chapter 8 : Reduce Bad Debt
Chapter 9 : Create Effective Channel Management

Part III : Maximize Technology, Processes and Efficiency
Chapter 10 :
Map, Measure and Benchmark Your Key Customer Service Processes
Chapter 11 : Complete a Health Check on Your Customer Information System (CIS)
Chapter 12 : Apply Technology to Enhance Customer Service
Chapter 13 : Successfully Implement These and Other Best Practices


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