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Drilling and Completion in Petroleum Engineering : Theory and Numerical Applications

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Title: Drilling and Completion in Petroleum Engineering : Theory and Numerical Applications
Author: Mao Bai, William Standifird, Xinpu Shen
ISBN: 0415665272 / 9780415665278
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 254
Publisher: Balkema
Year: 2012
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
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Modern petroleum and petrotechnical engineering is increasingly challenging due to the inherently scarce and decreasing number of global petroleum resources. Exploiting these resources efficiently will require researchers, scientists, engineers and other practitioners to develop innovative mathematical solutions to serve as basis for new asset development designs. Deploying these systems in numerical models is essential to the future success and efficiency of the petroleum industry.

Multiphysics modeling has been widely applied in the petroleum industry since the 1960s. The rapid development of computer technology has enabled the numerical applications of multiphysics modeling in the petroleum industry: its applications are particularly popular for the numerical simulation of drilling and completion processes. This book covers theory and numerical applications of multiphysical modeling presenting various author-developed subroutines, used to address complex pore pressure input, complex initial geo-stress field input, etc. Some innovative methods in drilling and completion developed by the authors, such as trajectory optimization and a 3-dimensional workflow for calculation of mud weight window etc, are also presented. Detailed explanations are provided for the modeling process of each application example included in the book. In addition, details of the completed numerical models data are presented as supporting material which can be downloaded from the website of the publisher. Readers can easily understand key modeling techniques with the theory of multiphysics embedded in examples of applications,and can use the data to reproduce the results presented.

While this book would be of interest to any student, academic or professional practitioner of engineering, mathematics and natural science, we believe those professionals and academics working in civil engineering, petroleum engineering and petroleum geomechanics would find the work especially relevant to their endeavors.

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Chapter 1 : Mathematical Modelling of Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Behavior for Reservoir Formation under Elevated Temperature
Chapter 2 : Damage Model for Rock-Like Materials and Its Application
Chapter 3 : Trajectory Optimization for Offshore Wells and Numerical Prediction of Casting Failure Due to Production-Induced Compaction
Chapter 4 : Numerical Scheme for Calculation for Shear Failure Gradient of Wellbore and Its Applications
Chapter 5 : Mud Weight Design for Horizontal Wells in Shallow Loose Sand Reservoir with The Finite Element Method
Chapter 6 : A Case Study of Mud Weight Design with Finite Element Method for Subsalt Wells
Chapter 7 : Numerical Calculation of Stress Rotation Caused by Salt Creep and Pore Pressure Depletion
Chapter 8 : Numerical Analysis of Casting Failure Under Non-Uniform Loading in Subsalt Wells
Chapter 9 : Numerical Predictions on Critical Pressure Drawdown and Sand Production for Wells in weak Formations
Chapter 10 : Cohesive Crack for Quasi-Brittle Fracture and Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Fracture
Chapter 11 : Special Applications in Formation Stimulation and Injection Modeling

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