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Energy Efficiency : Principles and Practices

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Title: Energy Efficiency : Principles and Practices
Author: Penni McLean-Conner
ISBN: 1593701780 / 9781593701789
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 195
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2009
Availability: In Stock
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The latest book by Penni McLean-Conner is an outline for utilities, government agencies and power generators for educating consumers on conservation, better resource management, and a smaller carbon footprint. These techniques are not only of interest to the modern consumer, but also can maximize opportunities for demand-side management. Demand-side management programs are effective methods for reducing peak demand of electricity, helping to curb escalating electricity prices for consumers, allowing power generators greater control of the electrical loads and promoting overall conservation of stretched resources. This book offers proven strategies for creating, delivering and maximizing demand-side management, truly a smart approach for your organization!


Part 1 : Create a Energy Efficiency Culture
Chapter 1 : Build the Business Case for Energy Efficiency
Chapter 2 : Understand the EE Life Cycle
Chapter 3 : Influence Policy to Support EE Investment

Part 2 : Deliver EE to Consumers
Chapter 4 : Market Barriers and Assessment
Chapter 5 : Residential Energy Efficiency
Chapter 6 : Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency
Chapter 7 : Demand Response
Chapter 8 : Distributed Generation

Part 3 : Optimize EE Performance
Chapter 9 : Participate in Organizations That Advance EE
Chapter 10 : Evaluate Programs
Chapter 11 : Position for the Future

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