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Fire Safety Science : Proceedings of the Second International Symposium

Author: Takao Wakammatsu, Yuji Hasemi
ISBN: 0891168648 / 9780891168645
Year: 1989
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Heat And Mass Transfer In Materials Processing

Author: I. Tanasawa, N. Lior
ISBN: 156032192X / 9781560321927
Year: 1992
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Presents the proceedings of an international workshop on heat mass transfer in materials processing. The papers focus on advances in manufacturing and in the process industries. Topics include plasm...
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Multiphase Flow And Heat Transfer : Second International Symposium, 2 Volume Set

Author: Chang L Tien, T. Nejat Veziroglu, Xue Jun Chen
ISBN: 1560320508 / 9781560320500
Year: 1991
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Multiphase flow and heat transfer applications are found in a wide range of engineering systems, such as heat exchangers, boilers, evaporators, condensors, boiling water reactors, particle separator...
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Phase-Interface Phenomenon in Multiphase Flow

Author: F. Mayinger, G.F. Hewitt, J.R. Riznic
ISBN: 0891165479 / 9780891165477
Year: 1991
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This volume in the series on heat and mass transfer encompasses papers presented at a conference in Dubrovnik in 1990. The topics covered include the physical interactions between phases and their i...
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Precipitation Scavenging And Atmosphere-Surface Exchange, 3 Volume Set

Author: Stephen Schwartz, W. G. N. Slinn
ISBN: 1560322632 / 9781560322634
Year: 1992
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This three-volume set contains selected papers from the Fifth International Conference on Precipitation Scavenging and Atmosphere- Surface Exchange Processes, conducted in Richland, Washington, in 1...
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Product Development and Production Engineering in Manufacturing Industries

Author: Claude Foulard
ISBN: 0891167994 / 9780891167990
Year: 1990
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Modern engineering and management approaches to product development and processing constitute the subject matter of this publication. This book is an edited version of the 1988 proceedings fo the...
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Rotating Machinery - Dynamics & Transport Phenomina : 2 Vol. Set

Author: J.H. Kim, W.J. Yang
ISBN: 1560321474 / 9781560321477
Year: 1992
Availability: Out of Stock
Human Civilization has made great strides since the invention of rotating machinery, which was prompted to a large extent by the industrial needs to generate power or to transport flowing media more...
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Testing and Servicing Steam Boilers

Author: S. Ushakov, V. Parilov
ISBN: 156032094X / 9781560320944
Year: 1990
Availability: In Stock
A consideration of the problems of testing and adjustment of combustion processes, furnaces and furnace devices and internal hydrodynamics of boiler elements operating under pressure. The authors de...
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