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Product Development and Production Engineering in Manufacturing Industries

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Title: Product Development and Production Engineering in Manufacturing Industries
Author: Claude Foulard
ISBN: 0891167994 / 9780891167990
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 402
Publisher: HPC
Year: 1990
Availability: In Stock
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Modern engineering and management approaches to product development and processing constitute the subject matter of this publication.

This book is an edited version of the 1988 proceedings fo the "Product Development and Production Engineering" seminar conducted by the Arab School of Science and Technology in Syria. A team of lecturers from Canada, Ireland, France, and the USA presented recent developments in production engineering management. Industrial, systems, production, and control engineers-as well as product marketing, production and industrial managers-will gain important insight into product development and production engineering

The Arab School of Science and Technology

Chapter 1 : Product Development Planning, Management and Control
Chapter 2 : The Interaction Between Product Development, Process Design, Technology and Marketing : A Managerial Perspective
Chapter 3 : Shortening the New Product Development Process Owning the Market
Chapter 4 : Typology of Operations Management System
Chapter 5 : International Operation and Project Management : An Integrated Approach
Chapter 6 : Design Processes for New Products
Chapter 7 : CAD/CAM in the ARAB WORLD : A Broad View and a Preliminary Assessment of a Syrian Experience
Chapter 8 : Value Analysis
Chapter 9 : New Technologies for Automation
Chapter 10 : An Approach to the Design of Advanced Manufacturing Systems
Chapter 11 : Computer Aided Process Planning and Computer Aided Production Management
Chapter 12 : Simulation for Manufacturing Firms
Chapter 13 : Factories and Facilities Design and Layout
Chapter 14 : The Company Going on the Total Quality Management
Chapter 15 : Jit in the Small to Medium Batch High Variety Industry – REPCO – Case Study
Chapter 16 : Industrial Applications of Operations Research
Chapter 17 : Education : The Example of AIP’s in France


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