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John Milton Amiss

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Machinery's Handbook, 32nd Edition, (Guide)

Author: Franklin D. Jones, Henry H. Ryffel, John Milton Amiss
ISBN: 0831150327 / 9780831150327
Year: 2024
Availability: 45-60 days
Since publication of the first edition more than 100 years ago, Machinery’s Handbook has been acclaimed as the most popular, bestselling engineering resource of all time. Universally considere...
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Machinery's Handbook Guide 28th Edition

Author: Christopher J. McCauley, Franklin D. Jones, Henry H. Ryffel, John Milton Amiss, Robert E. Green
ISBN: 0831128992 / 9780831128999
Year: 2009
Availability: Out of Stock
Completely updated and revised to reflect the changes and additions made to the Handbook, this Guide will enable users to maximize the enormous practical value available from Machinery's Handbook. ...
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