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Keisuke Arai

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TPM for the Lean Factory : Innovative Methods and Worksheets for Equipment Management

Author: Keisuke Arai, Kenichi Sekine
ISBN: 1498767400 / 9781498767408
Availability: In Stock
Lean manufacturing cannot happen in a factory that lacks dependable, effective equipment. Breakdowns and processing defects translate into excess work-in-process and finished inventory, kept on hand...
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Kaizen for Quick Changeover : Going Beyond SMED

Author: Keisuke Arai, Kenichi Sekine
ISBN: 1563273411 / 9781563273414
Year: 2012
Availability: In Stock
Changeovers in 3 minutes or less! That is the result of the process described in this book. Picking up where Dr. Shingo's Single Minute Exchange of Die left off, it streamlines the process even furt...
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Design Team Revolution : How to Cut Lead Times in Half and Double Your Productivity

Author: Keisuke Arai, Kenichi Sekine
ISBN: 1563270080 / 9781563270086
Year: 1994
Availability: Out of Stock
In this book, consultants Sekine and Arai point out the difficulties of transforming designers from isolated, multi-project employees to team-based production-style workers. They then show how the l...
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