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Neurosciences Books

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Vision and Attention, (With CD-ROM)

Author: Jenkin, Laurence, Michael; Harris
ISBN: 0387950583 / 9780387950587
Year: 2001
Availability: In Stock
This is at once a review and a summary of the tremendous advances that have been made in recent years on the effect of attention on visual perception. This broad-ranging volume will appeal to vision...
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Handbook of Nanostructured Thin Films and Coatings, (3 Volume Set)

Author: Sam Zhang
ISBN: 1420094351 / 9781420094350
Year: 2010
Availability: Out of Stock
Edited by a leading expert and with contributions from pioneers, the three-volume Handbook of Nanostructured Thin Films and Coatings is a resource as dynamic and flexible as the field itself. The fi...
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Understanding Nanomaterials, 2nd Edition

Author: Lewis E. Johnson, Malkiat S. Johal
ISBN: 081535438X / 9780815354383
Year: 2018
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks.
Praise for the first edition "clear and informative” %u2015Chemistry World The authors provide the perfect training tool for the workforce in nanotech development by presenting the fundame...
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Introduction to Electrical Interfacial Phenomena

Author: K. S. Birdi
ISBN: 0367452359 / 9780367452353
Year: 2019
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
With the rapid development of nanotechnology, the surface-to-volume ratio of objects of interest continues to increase. As such, so does the importance of our ability to tailor interfacial propertie...
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Nano-scale CMOS Analog Circuits : Models and CAD Techniques for High-Level Design

Author: Amit Patra, Chittaranjan Mandal, Soumya Pandit
ISBN: 1466564261 / 9781466564268
Year: 2014
Availability: Out of Stock
Reliability concerns and the limitations of process technology can sometimes restrict the innovation process involved in designing nano-scale analog circuits. The success of nano-scale analog circui...
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Computational Nanotechnology Using Finite Difference Time Domain

Author: Sarhan M. Musa
ISBN: 1466583614 / 9781466583610
Year: 2014
Availability: Out of Stock
The Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method is an essential tool in modeling inhomogeneous, anisotropic, and dispersive media with random, multilayered, and periodic fundamental (or device) nano...
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Principles of Behavioral Neuroscience

Author: Jackson Beatty
ISBN: 0697127419 / 9780697127419
Year: 1995
Availability: In Stock
Principles of Behavioral Neuroscience presents a vivid, cutting-edge introduction to the human brain and the mechanisms responsible for human behavior....
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Brain and Cognitive Intelligence : Control in Robotics

Author: Bin Wei
ISBN: 0367505525 / 9780367505523
Year: 2022
Availability: 2-3 weeks
The aim of the book is to introduce the state-of-the-art technologies in the field of brain and cognitive intelligence used in robotics control, particularly on studying how brain learns and control...
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