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Staffing The New Workplace

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Title: Staffing The New Workplace
Author: Jack E. Smith, Ronald B. Morgan
ISBN: 0873893611 / 9780873893619
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 590
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 1996
Availability: In Stock
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This authoritative, research-based book reveals systematic techniques for recuriting, assessing, selecting, and promoting employees for the new workplace focused on providing quality goods and services. The authors provide details on how to design and implement a staffing effort that supports your quality initiative.
Staffing is presented as a strategic process that can be measured and improved. The authors provide explicit direction on each component of this process and show you how to determine the specific attributes you need in your workforce, indentify quality-oriented applicants, and apply proven approaches for interview, testing, selecting, and promoting. In addition, you will

  • Find out why firms reporting greater success with their TQ efforts are making the greatest strides in revising their staffing practices.
  • Learn how to choose and implement tests, inventories, and assessment exercises so that you can measure quality-related knowledge, skills, and temperature.
  • Understand the costs and benefits associated with using contingent workers in a quality setting.
  • Identify measures of staffing effectiveness and use them to improve each component of your staffing process.


Chapter 1 : Introduction to Staffing the New Workplace
Chapter 2 : The New Workplace
Chapter 3 : Technical and Legal Standards for Staffing: A Primer on Value-Added Staffing
Chapter 4 : Using Job Analysis Techniques to Build a Quality Success Profile
Chapter 5 : Human Resource Planning: Preparing for the Envisioned Quality Organization
Chapter 6 : Recruiting: Putting Your Quality Strategy into Action
Chapter 7 : Personnel Assessment Tools: Assessing and Predicting Ability to perform
Chapter 8 : Personnel Assessment Tools: Assessing and Predicting Motivation to Perform
Chapter 9 : The Employment Interview: Conducting the Structured Content
Chapter 10 : The Employment Interview: Conducting the Interview Session
Chapter 11 : Developing a Quality-Oriented Workforce
Chapter 12 : Selecting and Promoting leaders
Chapter 13 : Staffing Teams
Chapter 14 : Emerging Issues : Downsizing and the Contingent Workforce
Chapter 15 : Staffing the New Workplace: Best Practices and Reccommendations


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