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The Best on Quality : Targets,Improvements,Systems, IAQ Book Series Vol. 5

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Title: The Best on Quality : Targets,Improvements,Systems, IAQ Book Series Vol. 5
Author: John D. Hromi
ISBN: 0873892860 / 9780873892865
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 378
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 1995
Availability: In Stock
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Volume 5 of The Best on Quality series reports on national and international quality award activities that help foster quality growth.
Among the renowned contributors to this volume include: Yoshi Kondo, Hitoshi Hume, Shoichi Schimizu, Raymond Wachniak, A. Blanton Godfrey, William Golomski, Kenneth E. Case, John A. Goldsmith, Roy Knowles, Kenneth S. Stephens, Alain-Michel Chauvel, and Tito Conti.

About the Editor

Introduction: The IAQ National and International Quality Awards Project

Section I : IAQ Project Papers
Chapter 1 : The Deming Prize
Chapter 2 : American Quality Awards: Profiles in Excellence
Chapter 3 : The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award: Seven Years of Progress, 7000 Lessons Learned
Chapter 4 : Federal Quality Institute Awards for Federal Government Groups and Employees
Chapter 5 : NASA Excellence Award for Quality and Productivity
Chapter 6 : IIE Awards for Excellence in Productivity Improvement
Chapter 7 : RIT/USA TODAY Quality Cup Award for Individuals and Teams
Chapter 8 : The European Quality Award
Chapter 9 : The British Quality Award Scheme
Chapter 10 : The Scandinavian Quality Awards
Chapter 11 : Prix Qualite France
Chapter 12 : The Italian FONTI Quality Award for Small/Medium-Size Service Companies
Chapter 13 : Developing a National User-Friendly Certification and Awards Scheme
Chapter 14 : Preliminary Information on the Union for Czech and Slovak Quality Awards
Chapter 15 : Report on the Argentine National Quality Award Program
Chapter 16 : National Quality Awards: A Developing Country Perspective
Chapter 17 : A Critical Review of Methods for Quality Awards and Self-Assessment

Section II : Other Papers Dealing With Quality Awards
Chapter 18 : The Australian Quality Awards
Chapter 19 : Quality Award Criteria Signpost the Way to Excellence in Quality Performance
Chapter 20 : The Israeli Quality Award

Section III : Localized Quality Awards
Chapter 21 : Designing and Implementing a State Quality Award
Chapter 22 : How New York Launched a State Quality Award in 15 Months

Appendix A : State Quality Awards in Place
Appendix B : Foreign Quality Awards in Place
Appendix C : The International Academy for Quality

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