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The Best on Quality : Targets,Improvements,Systems, IAQ Book Series Vol. 8

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Title: The Best on Quality : Targets,Improvements,Systems, IAQ Book Series Vol. 8
Author: John D. Hromi
ISBN: 0873893891 / 9780873893893
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 304
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 1997
Availability: In Stock
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Volume 8 of the Best on Quality series centers on the applications of quality system standards in small to medium-sized businesses, in health care, in regards to the environment, in former centrally planned economies, and in nonprofit organizations.
Among the renowned contributors to this volume are: Tito Conti, Kenneth S. Stephens, Alain-Michel Chauvel, A. Blanton Godfrey, David B. Luther, Enrique Sierra, Agnes H. Zaludova, Walter Masing, Edward Fuchs, and Madhav N. Sinha.

About the Editor

Section I : The Long Arm of Quality System Standards
Chapter 1 : From Standard-Based Quality to Total Quality
Chapter 2 : Quality, Standardization, and Metrology
Chapter 3 : Transport by Sea: How to Prepare a Quality System for Certification
Chapter 4 : Linking the World Through ISO 9000: Focus on Food Services

Section II : Quality Systems in Small and Medium-Size Enterprises
Chapter 5 : Quality Cost in Small and Medium-Size Companies
Chapter 6 : SMEs-The Way to Excellence: The Influence of the Standards
Chapter 7 : Twenty Years of Quality Systems in the United Kingdom: Some Mistakes and Lessons Learned

Section III : Health Care Quality
Chapter 8 : Improving Health Care: The World Perspective
Chapter 9 : Customer-Focused Processes in U.S. Health Care
Chapter 10 : Seven Strategies for Accelerating the Pace of Change

Section IV : Environmental Quality
Chapter 11 : International Standards on Environmental Management Systems (EMS) ISO 14000 Series
Chapter 12 : ISO 14000: The New Business Opportunity
Chapter 13 : Standards, Quality, and the Environment
Chapter 14 : Quality of the Environment: QMS and/or EMS

Section V : The Trend Toward Integrated Management Systems
Chapter 15 : Total Quality Management Strategies
Chapter 16 : The QC Circle Evolution from TQC to TQM: A Management Perspective
Chapter 17 : Centrally Planned Economies in Transition: The Quality Question
Chapter 18 : Improving AT&T Decision Processes Using Leading-Edge Business Metrics
Chapter 19 : TQM in the Voluntary, Nonprofit Organizations

Annex A : The Asia Pacific Regional Quality Organization
Annex B : Walter L. Hurd Foundation
Annex C : Walter L. Hurd-The Quality Man (Excerpts)
Annex D : Total Quality 2000sm-Defining the Global Quality Future and the Management of Competitiveness

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