The People Dimension

Title: The People Dimension
Author: Luigi A. Peluso, Ronald J. Recardo
ISBN: 0527916668 / 9780527916664
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 210
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 1992
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The People Dimension: Managing the Transition to World-Class Manufacturing, authors Ronald J. Recard and Luigi A. Peluso discuss what it takes to balance a company's technology, business, and people systems so as to be competitive in the world market. They provide a conceptual framework for a company to make the transition to world-class manufacturing performance and identify the key factors that are required to institutionalize such initiatives as Just-In-Time, Total Quality Management, and Administrative Productivity Improvement in an Organization.
Critical human factors such as employee involvement, reward and recognition, total systems integration, and communication and education are discussed, and commonly-used programs-quality circles, suggestion systems, skill-based pay plans, and profit sharing and gainsharing plans-are compared and evaluated. A number of case studies are also presented to illustrate the successful application of each program.
Most companies have the in-house talent to address the technical aspects of world-class manufacturing, but lack the skills to integrate technical and people issues. This text will prove invaluable to those in middle aand senior level management who are interested in leveraging the capabilities of their company's workforce

Chapter 1 : Global Market Warfare
Chapter 2 : Strategies and Tactics for Survival
Chapter 3 : The Productivity Programs
Chapter 4 : The Importance of Communication and Education
Chapter 5 : Employee Involvement
Chapter 6 : Total System Integration
Chapter 7 : How to Apply the Concepts