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Project Portfolio Selection for Six Sigma

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Title: Project Portfolio Selection for Six Sigma
Author: Mawby, William D.
ISBN: 0873897072 / 9780873897075
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 176
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2007
Availability: Out of Stock
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This book focuses on the essential but somewhat neglected topic of the selection of Six Sigma projects. There is little material available on the process of making Six Sigma projects an integral part of the bottom line of a company, and often this is a weak point in many fledgling improvement programs. The methods presented here will not deal specifically with project management or with team development methods, but will concentrate solely on the proper selection of the projects. Since specific project accounting systems will vary from company to company, this book demonstrates a variety of possible approaches which can then be adapted by the reader.
As companies become more mature in their Six Sigma programs, it is almost a certainty that companies will demand more benefits with less resources, and with verification that their methods are financially sound. Author William D. Mawby shows in detail how the current methods can be improved through the application of well-developed methods from operations research and financial engineering, which treat the project selection problem from the viewpoint of a portfolio-selection problem. These techniques range from fairly straightforward extensions of the ranking methods by multicriteria to sophisticated mathematical programming methods that allow one to select portfolios with exquisite control and specificity. All of the methods will, in general, produce Six Sigma project portfolios that out-perform their counterparts selected through non-portfolio type methods.

Implementing these project selection methods will put your Six Sigma program on a sound financial basis to ensure that it continues to be the "go-to" approach for your company far into the future.


Chapter 1 : The Identification of Six Sigma Projects
Chapter 2 : Characteristics of Six Sigma Projects
Chapter 3 : Multiple Criteria Decision Making Methods for Six Sigma Project Selection
Chapter 4 : The Analytic Hierarchy Approach to Project Portfolio Selection
Chapter 5 : The Data Envelopment Approach to Six Sigma Portfolio Selection
Chapter 6 : Portfolio Selection Through Mathematical Programming
Chapter 7 : Six Sigma Project Portfolio Selection Through Integer Programming
Chapter 8 : Measuring Portfolio Performance
Chapter 9 : Multiperiod and Multidivisional Approaches to Six Sigma Project Portfolio Selection
Chapter 10 : Nonlinear Programming for Six Sigma Project Portfolio Selection
Chapter 11 : Options Pricing Approaches to Six Sigma Project Portfolio Selection
Chapter 12 : Summary and Outlook for Six Sigma Project Portfolio Selection


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